What is Cup C2? Information about Cup C2

It is known that in addition to C1, Cup C2 is also a tournament that is highly appreciated for its attractiveness. Today, let’s join together New88sg Learn about this tournament.

What is Cup C2?

It is known that the C2 Cup is also known as the Europa League. It is known that this is a football tournament organized annually by the European Football Federation. It is known that this tournament has the participation of European teams that have successfully achieved high rankings in the framework of national championship tournaments but have not been able to successfully qualify to participate in the competition. C1 cup or in the UEFA Champions League tournament.

It is known that since C2 was born until now, only Sevilla has successfully defended its championship trophy. It is known that starting from the 2014 – 2015 season, the team that successfully wins the C2 tournament championship will be able to win tickets to attend the UEFA Champions League.

The second season was known to be held from 1958 to 1960, with the participation of 16 top football teams in Europe. This season, the Barcelona team successfully defended the championship.

It is known that in the next C2 tournament periods, the tournament will be held annually once a year. . Until the 1971-1972 tournament, Cup C2 was renamed UEFA Cup. 

Until 1999-2000, the C2 Cup tournament was discontinued and merged into the C3 Cup but still kept the name UEFA Cup. According to the rules of the European football federation, teams that successfully win domestic tournaments will win tickets to attend the UEFA Cup.

Why is there C1 Cup but still C2 Cup?

It is known that Cup C2 is a tournament organized for teams that are not eligible to participate and is open to teams that are not eligible to participate in the UEFA Champions League. Therefore, the C2 Cup is ranked lower than the C1 Cup. But that’s not why the C2 Cup was forgotten, it also received a lot of attention from football lovers.

History of the formation of Cup C2

It is known that this tournament is based on the idea of ​​three people: Stanlay Rous (British), Ernst Thornmen (Swiss) and Ottorino Barrasi (Italian).

Since the first season of 1995-1998, the Barcelona team has been the team that has won the championship. In the following seasons, the C2 cup will be held once a year.

In the 1999-2000 season, Cup C2 merged with Cup C3 and kept the name UEFA Cup.

In the 2009 – 2010 season, UEFA increased the number of teams participating in the group stage to 48. At this time, the tournament was also renamed UEFA Europa League but is still called by the short name “UEFA Europa League”. Cup C2.

Cup C2 competition format

Over time, more and more European teams participate in this tournament. With the scale of the tournament increasing, forcing the organizers to introduce general regulations. These regulations, also known as the competition format, are mandatory general conditions.
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It is known that each federation will have 3 participating teams. However, federations ranked from 52 to 54 only participate in 2 teams. Besides, the federation ranked 55th and Liechtenstein only had 1 team participating. 

Teams eliminated from the Champions League also have the opportunity to participate in the Europa League qualifying round. In addition, the teams ranked 3rd in the Champions League group stage will participate in the round of 32 teams. 

It is known that Cup C2 includes:

  • elimination round, qualifying round
  • Group stage of 12 groups of 4 teams
  • Round of 32 teams
  • Round of 16 teams
  • Quarterfinals
  • Semifinal
  • Final

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