What is Over/Under? How to Read Over/Under Odds  New88 Exactly 

What is Over/Under and how to read Over/Under in football? There are quite a few bettors asking questions like this because currently, soccer odds are extremely diverse. Please read the article below immediately  New88 to understand the concept as well as know how to easily win over/under bets!
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What is Tai Xiu?

Over/under betting in soccer is a form of betting that often appears in house odds tables. Accordingly, the bookmaker will give you a number and that is the expert’s prediction about the number of goals both teams will score. Your job when placing this bet is to predict whether the match result will be lower or higher than the rate assessed by the expert.

If you predict correctly, the reward you receive is an amount corresponding to the capital and bonus rate in the bet. Because of this easy way to play, the over/under bet is often chosen by many bettors. You will have two places to bet, called over (upper) and under (lower). 

  • If you choose Over (O stands for Over), it means that you predict the match result will be greater than the odds determined by the expert.
  • Under (U stands for Under) represents the case where the match result will be less than the odds provided by the playing field.

The parameter that bookmakers often choose to consider the form of over/under bets is the number of goals. There are also types of over/under penalty cards, over/under penalties, over/under left corner numbers, left sideline bets… making this form of over/under betting extremely diverse, forcing players to follow throughout the match.

What is the way to read Over/Under?

If you’re new to the game, you probably don’t know how to read odds Over/under in football. Compared to other odds, Over/Under is easier to read and understand. Below are detailed instructions so that rookies can clearly understand how to read football over/under bets.

Read the 0-ball over/under bet

For all over/under odds in football, 0-ball over/under is the most basic type. The bookmaker’s experts are predicting that this match will end in a draw and neither team will score a goal. If you choose to bet on Over/Under with 0 left, the player only has one bet: Over. When the match has at least one goal scored, the player who bets on Over will win money.

Read the over/under odds of 1 ball

For the 1-ball soccer over/under bet, you understand that the bookmaker bets that only 1 goal will be scored. In case a player bets on Over, if the match has two or more goals, that person wins. In case a player bets on the under, if there is no score in the match then that person wins. 

If the match ends with a total of one goal, the house will refund the player’s bet even if you bet over or under. Football over/under bets of 2 goals, 3 goals, 4 goals, 5 goals… also have a similar reading.

Read the over/under odds of 1.25 balls

The over/under bet of 1.25 balls can also be written in many other ways such as 1/1.5, 1-1.5,1 1/4. There are quite a few people who don’t know what the 1.25 over/under bet is, because the way of reading this form of bet is different from the 0/under and 1 over/under bets. 

In case a player bets on Over, if the match has two or more goals, that person wins and gets all the money. If the player bets on the under, if the match has 1 goal, he will win half the money, if there is no goal, he will win the full money. Similar to reading the over/under bet of 1.25 balls, you can also read the bet of 2.25 balls, 3.25 balls…
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Read the over/under odds of 1.5 goals

Over/under 1.5 goals is a bet where the bookmaker believes that 1.5 goals will be scored in the match. Accordingly, the way to determine win or loss for players who bet on this over/under bet is: In case the player bets on over, if the match has two or more goals, that person wins and gets full money. 

When you bet on the under, the match ends with a score of 0-0 or only 1 goal is scored (total goals = 1, less than 1.5), the player will immediately win the full bet. This bet has no chance of a draw, so the probability of a player winning when betting on over/under 1.5 balls is quite high. Likewise, you can read and understand easily by dragging 2.5 left, 3.5 left…

Read the over/under odds of 1.75 left

The over/under bet of 1.75 left is the bet that bookmakers say that in that match there will be 1.75 goals scored. On the odds table, the over/under bet of 1.75 goals can appear as 1.5-2 or 1 3/4… How to play soccer over/under 1.75 goals is not too difficult. 

In case a player bets on Over, if the match has 3 or more goals, he or she wins full money. If there are exactly 2 goals, he or she wins half the money. When players bet on the under, if the match has 1 goal scored or no goals, that person wins all the money. 

 What is the way to calculate over/under money?

Reading the information above, you probably no longer wonder what the concept and how to read over/under odds are. Next, we will guide you how to calculate the over/under bet applied at dealer  New88.

Accordingly, soccer over/under rules when calculating a player’s winning or losing money will depend on the bookmaker’s odds and the actual parameters of the match. To put it simply, if the difference is 0.25, the player wins half the money, if the difference is 0.5, the player loses half the money. Detail:

What is the way to calculate winnings in over/under bets?

If you understand how to read the above bet, you will know that there are two outcomes: winning the bet: winning full money and winning half money:

  • Win enough money = Total capital * Odds ratio for over/under bets
  • Win half money = 1/2 Win full money = 1/2 (Total capital * Odds ratio for over/under bets)

What is the way to calculate losses in over/under bets?

Similar to the case of winning a bet, when losing a bet, the house system is also divided into two cases:

  • Losing enough money = Total capital * Odds of losing with negative Over/Under odds (or Losing the entire bet)
  • Lose half the money = 1/2 (Total capital * Odds of losing with negative over/under bets) (or lose 1/2 of the entire bet)

Soccer over/under betting tips that rookies should not ignore

Find out what Over/Under is in football and you will see that this betting method is very easy to experience. But winning and making money in this bet is not a simple matter. Below, sports  New88 Sharing with you some effective Over/Under betting tips worth considering:

  • Players should bet on over/under in big football matches, because there is a lot of searching for information about these matches. This is the basis for making betting easier and the winning rate will also be higher.
  • A good tip when playing soccer over/under is to use data to evaluate and predict odds. For example, the nature of the match, scoring performance, performance, confrontation history…
  • You should also consider the time to bet on over/under, usually the most appropriate time is when the match has started 15 minutes. 

Above is the information shared to let you know what the concept of Over/Under odds is and how to read Over/Under odds. If you want to participate in betting with this attractive form of betting, come here  New88 to set bets with high odds! Good luck!

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