Soccer Odd Even Odds: The No. 1 Simple Way to Bet Today

Bookmaker New 88 Always trying to innovate to introduce to players the most attractive game halls. Among them, betting Odd even odds The gameplay is quite simple and the winning rate is high. If you still do not know the basic information about odd-even betting, please refer to the article below.

Introduction What is Odd Even Odds?

Odd even odds Also known as E/O, is a type of betting in which players will predict and bet whether the total number of goals during the whole match or the first 45 minutes will be even or odd. If your prediction matches the result, you will win and receive a reward according to the corresponding ratio.

This form of bet only includes two bets: even (symbol E) and odd (symbol O). Therefore, the reward rate of each door is very high, up to 50%, so many bettors bet on it when they first start participating. However, you should also pay attention that the accompanying risks are corresponding, so the analysis and betting must be done in detail.

What are the rules for participating in odd-even betting and how to calculate money?

Through the basic introduction above, players have somewhat understood about odd-even odds New88. Besides, you need to pay attention to the participation rules as well as how to calculate money to quickly bet successfully:

How to play odd even bets to remember

Players participating in betting at the house will see that the even and odd odds have two forms of play: first half or full match. The odds table will display the following odds information: 

  • Odds name: Odd even odds or E/O odds.
  • Betting time: Full match or 1st half.
  • Match information: Date and time the match takes place if it is an early bet, shows the score, and the number of minutes being played if betting during the match.
  • Names of two teams: The team listed above is the home team, the team listed below is the away team.
  • Odds information:
  • Full match column: There are reward rates corresponding to the odd and even columns.
  • First half column: Winning rate is written right below the odd and even columns.

Formula for calculating profit and loss

Odd even odds Just like most other types of basic bets, there are no odds such as handicap bets or Over/Under bets. Therefore, the basic formula for calculating winnings and losses will be as follows:

  • Winnings = Bet capital x winning rate.
  • Bet loss = Bet capital.

Odd even odds example on the actual odds table

Players who want to better understand odd-even betting can refer to the following example:

The confrontation between Sheffield United and Manchester United taking place on October 22 will have the following information about odd and even bets:

  • Odds name: Even/odd Full match/1st half.
  • Match information: Taking place at 02:00 AM on October 22.
  • Names of two teams: Sheffield United is the home team, Manchester United is the away team.
  • Betting information:
  • Full match column: The reward ratio corresponding to the two even and odd columns is 0.94 respectively.
  • First half column: The reward ratio corresponding to the two parity columns are 0.82 and 0.94 respectively.

For the example above, the way to calculate winnings and losses for the whole match bet if the player bets 100,000 VND on 1 of 2 doors is as follows:
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  • If the total goals at the end of the match are even numbers 0, 2, 4, 6, 8, the player who bets on even numbers wins 100,000 x 0.94 = 94,000 VND.
  • If the total goals scored by both teams are odd numbers 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, the player who bets on the odd number wins 100,000 x 0.94 = 94,000 VND.
  • If the player bets against the result, he will lose the bet in the amount of 100,000 VND.

Some forms of play are different from odd even odds

Predicting whether the total number of goals scored by the two teams participating in the match is even or odd is not too complicated. That’s why on online platforms there are many other forms of play that you can refer to:

  • Odd/Odd bet: Predict the total number of goals scored by the home team to be an odd number and the away team to be odd.
  • Odd/Even Betting: Predict the number of goals scored by the home team to be odd and the away team to be even.
  • Even/Odd bet: Predict that the total number of goals scored by the home team will be even and the away team will be odd.
  • Betting on Even/Odd Cards: Predict whether the total number of penalty cards of both teams will be even or odd.
  • Betting on Corners Even/Odd: Players need to predict whether the total number of corners scored by both teams in the match will be an even or odd number.

Currently, on online platforms, there are many variations of even/odd bets. However, every way to play has simple rules, easy to predict and predict the correct victory.

Lifetime experiences when betting with odd even odds

You have learned the basic knowledge about odd-even odds through the information shared above. Although it is a bet with simple rules, you cannot bet based on emotions but need a specific strategy. Take a look at some playing experiences shared by longtime players:

Thoroughly summarize match information

Even if you place money on any bet in the actual match, synthesizing information about the match is also necessary. With odd even odds, you need to predict the total number of goals scored by both teams in the actual match. So the factors that can affect the number of goals will need to be analyzed:

  • The performance of the two teams recently through achievements. You can find out the winning and losing results of two teams in a tournament or many arenas to make the most accurate assessment.
  • Team factors greatly affect the total number of goals. That’s why information about the stars of the teams, injury situations, penalty cards, expected lineups,… are all very necessary. 
  • Confrontation history can also be used to analyze and accurately predict bets. 
  • Some other factors such as home/away field, nature of the match, etc. also greatly affect player psychology.

Combine odd even odds with some other forms of play

Basis for accurate assessment of inside bets odd even bet, so why not combine betting with some other forms. For example, if you are wondering that winning even and odd cannot bring you high bonuses, why not combine it with Over/Under betting.

Combining these bets will help you use your capital in the most reasonable way. Let’s bet to predict an index that can help you increase your profits to easily reach your big account goal.

Don’t bet too big when you first start

Odd even odds Although the gameplay is not too difficult and the winning rate is high, it also means the possibility of losing is also corresponding. Therefore, if you are new, you should only place small amounts of money. Besides, with a small amount of money, you only make a small profit when you win but suffer a low loss when you unfortunately lose. 

Once you have gained a lot of experience after betting, you can completely increase the bet level gradually. Thus, the player’s psychology is truly comfortable to make the correct decision.


Summary of all information about odd even bet above New88 will help you easily experience football betting. Always do all the steps to synthesize information and compare odds before deciding to bet to avoid risks.

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