Great Tips for Playing Penalty Card Betting from Jun88 Experts

Although it is a side bet in football betting, it cannot be denied that Penalty card betting Still one of the most attractive bets loved by bettors. If you are learning about this bet and want to win the next time you play, don’t miss these 3 great tips from the experts. Jun88 in this article!
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What is the interpretation of the penalty card bet?

Penalty card betting is simply a way to bet based on the number of yellow and red cards issued in a football match. Players need to predict the total number of penalty cards that the referee issues to the players on the field. The way to play this bet is quite simple, easy to win, so it always attracts a large number of bettors to participate. 

Simple instructions for reading penalty cards

To win this bet, you first need to understand how to read the bet. In fact, this bet has many similarities with the Handicap bet and the reading is similar. You need to bet on the upper team or the lower team, also known as the over and under bet. 

However, when playing penalty card bets, you need to make sure which team is more likely to be penalized, compare it with the house odds to make the most accurate betting decision. The number of valid penalty cards is only counted during the official match time. 

How is the penalty card bet calculated?

Currently, penalty card bets are also developed in a variety of different forms, of which the three main types of bets are popular:

  • Asian Handicap: The house will offer 2 bets: the upper bet and the lower bet, the player is responsible for betting on one of the 2 bets. In this bet, yellow cards will be counted as 1 point and red cards will be counted as 2 points. 
  • Over/Under Penalty Odds: The house will give a specific number of penalty cards in the match, the player’s task is to predict whether the actual result will be higher or lower than this number. 
  • Odd-even penalty bet: Players need to predict the result of the number of penalty cards given by the referee in a match and convert it to an even or odd number of points from there to choose the appropriate bet. 
  • First penalty and last penalty bet: You need to predict which team will receive the first penalty card and which team will receive the last penalty card.

The secret to playing today’s penalty card betting is extremely good from the experts

Below is a summary of 3 great tips for playing penalty card betting from Jun88 players that you can refer to and use:

Research information carefully before betting 

One of the top secrets that players always share is researching information before betting. You need to firmly understand the gameplay, tactics, coach, lineup, and advantages of each team before placing a bet. This will help you have the most general overview and know whether your favorite team is in a strong or weak position, and whether you should bet on that team or not. 

Determine the important nature of the match

Many people often mistakenly believe that the nature of the match will not affect the number of penalty cards issued. However, if you follow football for a long time, you will easily notice that derby matches are often extremely fierce and thrilling. The players are not afraid to collide to create a breakthrough for their team. This means that the number of yellow and red cards issued will be much higher than in normal friendly matches. 

Especially, when in the match there is a difference in class and the weaker team is in a 1-take-1 situation, it is clear that this team will regardless of everything and have a higher number of penalty cards.
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Understand the temperament of each competing player

Even though this is not the match of your favorite team, understanding the temperament of each player will definitely help you increase your chances of winning the penalty card bet quite a lot. When a team owns players who often play tricks, play badly, are violent, etc., the possibility of a yellow card being given by the referee is very high. Players who are willing to retaliate are also mysterious factors that make the match more thrilling and attractive. Therefore, learning about a player’s personality through previous matches will help you have the most accurate view to make betting decisions simpler.


Above are 3 useful tips to help you increase your chances of winning the penalty card bet Jun88 want to share with readers. Each person will have a different way of playing, but mastering the secrets from the experts will help you have the best experience when participating in betting. 

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