All About Food

All About Food is an informative, entertaining series that takes us on an astounding voyage through the fascinating world of food. Not only are we learning more about eating but also growing, cooking and the history behind food products worldwide.

If you haven’t watched this documentary yet, do so – it is an invaluable experience and should be seen by anyone concerned with their environment, health and others’ bodies. What’s great about it is that instead of focusing on corporations like Monsanto or McDonald’s as usual suspects for problems, instead the film focuses on smaller producers that produce superior quality, healthier and more eco-friendly products than these giant conglomerates do.

Man vs. Food was one of my favorite shows to watch on television. Adam Richman was an entertaining host who always respected those around him, establishments, and foods being challenged. Unfortunately, Adam was fired and replaced with Casey who is awkward and often makes comments that leave audiences looking puzzled at each other in disbelief – no wonder this show is no longer as good.

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