Can You Eat Shark for Dinner?

Remember that sharks are an important part of the food chain and, as a rule, they’re not good to eat. The smooth sand-shark and Atlantic sharpnose, which are among the smaller inshore species you will encounter, are both considered to be good for eating. All other species must be released carefully.

The smooth sand-shark (also known as dogfish) is one of the most popular catches when surf fishing. They are prolific and eat almost anything. The majority are only a foot to two inches long. If you want to bring one home to eat at home, be sure to not confuse it with the spiny sand-shark (which has a prominent spike along their dorsal). You’ll be disappointed after your first bite.

The Atlantic sharpnose is a popular target for nearshore boat fishermen. They are fun to catch and eat. They can be found in the near-shore waters between midsummer and fall. They can be found cruising in depressions and sloughs from a few miles off the coast to up to 20 miles away. This species can be identified by its distinctive white spots on the back and sides of their bronze color. They are a great target for recreational fishermen using light gear.

Shark Watching Safety

Sharks are dangerous animals. Remove the hook with a pair of long-nosed pliers while the fish is still in the water. Grab the fish with one hand at the tail base, then grab the fish with the other hand behind the jaws on the back of its head and in front of his pectoral fins. Do not try to hold the sharks vertically, as they may bend and bite your hand or wrist. It takes two people to remove the hooks from medium-sized and larger sharks. If you’re unsure whether or not you can handle a shark safely, simply cut the line close to the hook, leave it there, and allow the shark to swim away.

It’s not uncommon for bathers to feel uncomfortable when a shark fisher sets up a few feet from their beach umbrellas. It’s important to move away from the access points for bathers and give other people plenty of room.

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