Top Ten Business News Sites

News is essential to life. From major decisions regarding financial markets and political developments, to daily decisions influenced by weather reports or local events. News comes via multiple formats including online (news websites), print (newspapers and magazines) and broadcasting (TV and radio), with many large companies dedicated to producing and disseminating news around the globe.

In April, the world’s leading news websites recorded an aggregate visit total of 6.6bn. Of this figure, Google News, The New York Times, Fox News, Mail Online and The Guardian had more than 50%. Yet all five saw visitor traffic decline except Mail Online which experienced an increase in visitors.

As Britain prepares to leave the European Union, interest in money advice websites such as Money Advice Service has skyrocketed, leading to an increase in visitor numbers and visits. Meanwhile, other major publications saw year-on-year visit declines such as New York Times due to slowing news cycle since invasion of Ukraine as well as decreasing Wordle puzzle interest.

Forbes is an immensely popular business news website, particularly among startup professionals and solopreneurs. The site features articles and videos covering topics from technology to investing, as well as culture and entertainment stories. Forbes also provides business enthusiasts with various newsletters they can subscribe to in order to stay informed on all of the latest industry developments.

Reuters is an invaluable source of business news, with millions of subscribers who depend on it for accurate reporting. Reuters provides breaking business news, data analysis, market insight pieces from experts and an assortment of exclusive features – like stock market quotes and quotes, mortgage rates and stories about public companies.

Bloomberg is another premier business news brand and is widely recognized for breaking major stories in finance. Employing over 3000 journalists globally to gather and report news, its content can be found both in its Bloomberg terminal and on Bloomberg TV; additionally its website and apps provide traders with invaluable resources.

CNBC is one of the foremost providers of business news worldwide, and their website features news on stock markets, company earnings, cryptocurrencies, personal finance and special reports from CNBC TV channel. They also host several videos for viewers to view at any given time.

Quora is an information and question-and-answer site covering technology businesses in Silicon Valley and beyond, providing coverage of venture capitalists, startups, IPOs, layoffs as well as advice for starting up tech businesses or building apps. It has an in-depth selection of stories relating to venture capital investment, startups IPOs, startup funding rounds as well as layoffs within this industry. Quora provides advice for starting tech businesses or creating apps from its community of users.

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