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Facebook plans to enhance video marketing opportunities for advertisers with AI-powered creative guidance, offering increased conversions, lower ad costs, and increase engagement for video campaigns. Learn how this new feature could help your company drive greater conversions, decrease ad costs, and boost engagement.

YouTube has launched several new features designed to assist creators in engaging their audiences, and expanding their following. Take a look at these tools that could enhance the quality of your videos and expand your following.

An economic retailer like Zappos is well known for their outstanding customer service, and recently shared an account of one of their responses to one of their customers who was experiencing difficulty.

If you haven’t taken notice yet, the “Girl Internet” may be missing from your reach – and could prevent you from reaching your ideal audience. Learn how you can utilize the “Girl Internet” for brand development purposes and get some tips for making it work for you.

YouTube recently unveiled some features designed to make creating and sharing short videos easier for brands. Creators can collaborate with up to three other users on their channel using the Collab feature to co-create side-by-side videos. Furthermore, creators are now allowed to link Shorts videos back into existing channels on their channels as well as try out a Q&A sticker feature.

Multiple states have filed suits against Meta Platforms Inc, alleging the company contributes to youth mental health issues by offering addictive features like Instagram and Snapchat lenses. Read how these lawsuits are impacting its future and being criticized by politicians and the general public.

Social media platforms continue to come under scrutiny over how they curate users’ feeds and make it easy for people to stumble across offensive or fake content. Some brands are using AI-powered curation and content monitoring tools to address these concerns and ensure safe communities for their communities.

New research reveals that social media users tend to trust companies which respond quickly and honestly in times of crises, with proactive measures and clear explanations about actions being the most successful strategies for handling crises successfully.

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