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Latest Environment News provides a weekly roundup of stories related to climate change, sustainability and green living. Reports about eco-friendly companies, green technologies and policies as well as environmental news are included both domestically and internationally as they become available.

This year was a record-setting one for weather extremes, with their devastating consequences felt most acutely by some of the world’s poorest communities. Walloping hurricanes, land-engulfing floods and nonstop heat became daily realities – devastating crops failed as water became scarcer and wildlife perished from hunger; millions had to leave their homes as their environments changed due to global warming; all this happened while millions more people found themselves forced from their homes as the planet heated.

At an unprecedented climate summit this year, several of the world’s leading countries pledged their renewed dedication to combatting global warming; however, this pledge hasn’t translated to tangible actions being taken on behalf of climate action.

As the world gears up for COP28, a new report highlights how urgent action must be taken to curb climate change. Authors call for drastic reduction in greenhouse gas emissions while simultaneously reconsidering coal’s place and shifting towards clean energy solutions.

This photo of a discarded tire floating in an over-polluted pond in Kolkata, India serves as a stark reminder that dumping waste into bodies of water can have far-reaching toxic effects for both people and wildlife alike. The pond in question hosts numerous species – crocodiles and tiger shrimp among them – while local residents use its waters as sources for their livestock water needs; its toxic chemicals leaching into groundwater likely contributed to many residents developing health issues according to ICN reports published last May.

Arvin, California has some of the worst air quality in the country and many don’t realize how harmful pollution is for their health – but an activist from Arvin is working hard to raise awareness of its effects on climate change and public wellbeing.

Tian Tian and Yang Guang have returned from Scotland’s Edinburgh Zoo after 12 years, rejoining other endangered pandas at China’s national breeding center in Wolong for better protection from poachers or any other threats.

As the sun shines on a city shrouded in smog, it serves as a stark reminder of just how polluted our skies can be. Air pollution accounts for 7m premature deaths annually worldwide – nearly half from burning fossil fuels. But some cities are taking steps to combat it; according to one recent study, global climate targets would require massive improvements in energy efficiency, solar capacity capacity and transport electrification as well as significant cuts from buildings, industry and agriculture sectors if we want to meet them.

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