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Latest Education News Teachers across the nation have been staging a nationwide strike since early July. Recent developments in labor negotiations offer renewed hope that a resolution may soon come.

Since last month, students and families alike have been bracing themselves for potential chaos at many schools nationwide. While the federal government has put into effect plans to keep things running smoothly as possible, some states have taken different approaches when dealing with this matter.

A contentious program seeks to get students back into classrooms as the pandemic causes absenteeism to rise at some schools. The Department of Education is conducting numerous investigations at colleges and universities where incidents of antisemitism or Islamophobia have been reported by students.

Elfrieda Begay is helping her pupils explore their heritage and culture through learning the Navajo language from their ancestors. Here she is talking with GMA3’s Linsey Davis about her journey.

Colleges and universities are increasingly providing career services as consumers demand more tangible returns on their investments in higher education. Is this shift beneficial or detrimental? We consulted experts about their perspectives.

A recent study examines the effect of the Supreme Court’s ruling on admissions and graduation rates, which suggests race does not completely fall out of consideration in school admissions decisions.

Massachusetts school districts are conducting experiments in STEM to encourage more student interest by giving them the freedom to create games and apps themselves, with potentially positive effects for increasing engagement with STEM subjects as well as providing training in the field for potential future employment.

One high school in a city with a large percentage of immigrant families has created an innovative pathway for children from kindergarten through graduation to top tech firms, earning scholarships and even paid internships – this strategy has been implemented successfully elsewhere.

Research in education indicates that it may be time to move away from a simplistic, “Just Say No” approach towards drugs and focus more on teaching teens how to be critical about what they’re doing – an idea which has already proven itself in other areas.

Portland public school teachers protesting their third week on strike shut down a major bridge Tuesday morning during their protest march that has affected thousands of children and cost the district millions in lost revenues. Their union, United Education Services of Oregon (UESO), says further job actions may occur and hasn’t ruled them out yet.

Lawyers from the Temecula Valley school district’s ban on critical race theory is being challenged in court, alleging it forces teachers to self-censor themselves and prevents them from discussing topics like racism and discrimination. Furthermore, its controversial policy bars discussion about Pride flags or transgender athletes – another reason this law firm is already suing over other policies of the district.

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