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News apps have quickly become the preferred method for people to stay informed, with numerous types available such as news aggregators and short news apps. Here, we take a closer look at some of the top options on offer.

Artifact is the first app on our list, a personalized messaging app designed by Instagram co-founders that uses artificial intelligence algorithms to tailor news articles based on your interests and track reading habits over time. Additionally, Artifact offers recommendations based on this data as well.

Inshorts is another option. This popular app gathers news articles and summarizes them into briefs of 300 words or less, providing users with easy and straightforward browsing capabilities. You can select specific news categories when setting it up; additionally, Inshorts can even display personalized headlines based on your current location.

News Break app makes it easy to stay informed on local developments with localized national and international news feeds that focus on your city or region. Founded just several years ago, the News Break app makes finding relevant stories accessible in real time.

Google News is one of the world’s most-loved news apps, known for its personalized feeds that use big data to customize each user’s experience. Furthermore, “Full Coverage” aggregates coverage from multiple sources on one topic – something many users appreciate in this era of intense partisanship and biased reporting.

Google has introduced numerous updates and improvements for its apps in recent weeks. Google Messages now features a revamped compose text field with shortcuts bar, while Gmail on foldables now displays profile photos in its app bar. Meanwhile, YouTube will offer the ability to see what is playing in the background of videos; and last but not least Google Maps now sports more vibrant color palettes and an Immersive View route feature; concert videos can now also be seen directly within its app, while Home notifications have changed accordingly.

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