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Staying abreast of legal news is essential whether you’re just beginning your legal education or are an experienced biglaw associate. There are a number of resources to assist in keeping up with current events – daily newsletters or legal research tools are great ways to do this; but filtering through all that content may take too much time; many legal professionals prefer utilizing legal research tools which allow them to filter only what interests them.

Bloomberg Law News Channels are an ideal solution, providing breaking legal news and analysis across a range of areas like Business Law; Civil Rights & Governmental Affairs; Criminal Justice & Privacy; Corporate Crime & Compliance; Financial Services; Health Law and Policy; Insurance Law; and International Trade. Each news channel features practitioner insight articles from expert practitioners that address emerging issues. You can easily access these news channels from Bloomberg Law home page by selecting News & Analysis in the horizontal dropdown or the GO Bar’s autocomplete feature which makes searching for news channels much simpler!

National Law Review (NLR), founded in 1888, has long been considered a trusted source for legal news. NLR editors carefully review daily breaking legal news to understand its ramifications before publishing scholarly articles across an array of fields such as constitutional, business, criminal, family, environmental intellectual property law and labor law. NLR publishes for free on their website with new articles being added hourly!

Law360 has been serving the legal community since 1999 and offers a comprehensive view of law. Covering 40 different practice areas ranging from litigation filings, settlements, verdicts, regulatory enforcement actions, legislation and more, Law360 provides daily newsletters as well as video podcasts. Lexis Advance also features Law360 content.

Above the Law offers news on unusual lawsuits, crimes and celebs getting in trouble as well as an entertaining array of offbeat stories that won’t appear anywhere else; Legally Weird provides such stories if you can stomach its snark. Finally, FindLaw provides legal professionals with up-to-date Supreme Court and federal court cases with their blog for legal professionals.

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