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While admiring Fixer Upper or This Old House remodels is one thing, taking the leap and renovating your own space can be intimidating. There are numerous DIY solutions available if you’re in the market for something fresh or want to improve functionality; just remember these five points before picking up that hammer!

Some projects can be more expensive than others, so it is wise to carefully assess their return on investment before beginning construction or renovation work. It is also essential that you understand what your local market can bear in terms of renovation projects – going too far may drive away potential buyers.

Even if you don’t plan to sell, it is still essential to consider how your renovation will impact its value. Many factors go into establishing its overall price, such as proximity to amenities and number of comparable properties for sale in your area.

Home improvements that improve energy efficiency, which save homeowners money on utility bills, remain highly popular home upgrades. Experts predict that 2023 will see a surge in such upgrades as more consumers invest in ways to make their homes more comfortable while being environmentally conscious. Other predicted trends for 2016 include bathroom and kitchen renovations, flooring installations, painting jobs and cosmetic enhancements. Whatever type of project you undertake, be sure to select a qualified contractor. Reputable home improvement contractors will always provide written contracts outlining the work to be performed, payment schedule and materials and craftsmanship details that are to be provided. All contractors should be licensed with the Michigan Home Inspector Commission, and their contracts should include their name, address and MHIC license number preprinted. If any contractor refuses to provide this information upon your request for work they do not possess a valid MHIC license; you can check a licensee’s status by visiting their website MHIC site and must pass a background check without serious criminal convictions before being approved to work legally in Michigan.

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