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All About Health is a website offering information on various aspects of health and medical related topics, from diet, exercise and mental wellbeing to links to other relevant websites and organizations. All About Health also features articles, news and commentary regarding healthcare systems around the world and medical research projects worldwide.

Prior to recently, doctors could only speculate as to the causes of illness. Now, health research and clinical trials provide them with better tools to make decisions that benefit their patients. Many things we take for granted – blood pressure pills, vaccines against infectious diseases, chemotherapy treatments for cancer patients, as well as surgeries – have all come about due to medical discoveries made possible through research.

Health science encompasses an interdisciplinary field encompassing biology, chemistry, physics, epidemiology, pharmacology and medicine. It seeks to understand how human bodies work to both prevent and cure disease.

At its core, health can be defined in three ways. One definition states that it refers to complete physical, mental and social wellness rather than mere absence of disease or infirmity; another states it as being the ability to enjoy life and reach personal fulfilment; finally a third refers to setting personal goals and overcoming barriers to meet them – these three definitions depend on an individual’s values in life; for most, good health involves avoiding risky behaviors like smoking and too little sleep while eating a balanced diet and getting regular physical activity; in addition, good health also means being happy while having strong relationships with others – all three definitions depend on an individual’s values in life – what are important factors in an individual’s life?

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