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Fitness means something different to everyone, but generally speaking it refers to being both healthy and active. Some experts define fitness as being able to complete daily activities without excessive fatigue as well as meeting unforeseeable challenges or emergencies quickly and adapting quickly to change. Fitness includes learning new things quickly as well as the capacity for adaptability in response to new circumstances.

All About Fitness is a coalition of military members and civilians who share a passion for physical exercise and helping others. The organization was launched in 2014 when founder/commander Jeremy Webb began hosting group workout sessions at his Korean military installation’s outdoor track. These quickly expanded, becoming regular weekly events before Webb returned home and created All About Fitness Inc. in 2015.

Our organization places two main emphasis areas on fitness: health-related fitness and skill-related fitness. Health-related components include body composition, cardiorespiratory endurance, flexibility, muscular endurance and power; while skill-related fitness includes balance coordination agility.

Kinesiology researchers report that many skills or attributes essential for fitness can be gained through training. “Training” refers to activities which produce measurable organic changes in the body, including weight lifting, aerobics, swimming and playing sports.

Some of the attributes that contribute to high fitness levels can be gained from outdoor activities, like hiking and climbing; others are inborn within humans; additionally, diet and lifestyle play an integral part in developing these characteristics – including how much sleep is getting, smoking status, alcohol intake levels and fat intake in diet.

Increase muscle mass through weightlifting and strength training exercises can be helpful, but be careful that any exercises done without guidance from a trained trainer or in an environment where safety is guaranteed; injuries in gym environments are far too common and could seriously impede physical activity.

All About Fitness distinguishes itself from other fitness groups by giving back to its community. Each year, All About Fitness holds at least six drives to provide goods and services for segments of local population who may need it – for instance, winter coats were recently collected during one drive while currently the group is collecting school supplies for kids in need.

Maintaining fitness levels is integral to living a long and happy life, and now is never too late to start! A healthy lifestyle includes a diet rich in healthy nutrients, regular physical activity, and plenty of restful sleep. Achieve this with daily walks, runs or gym workouts can improve overall well-being significantly.

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