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All About Fishing is an online fishing resource providing comprehensive fishing information across multiple species and techniques. Organized by state and species, with links from its homepage leading directly to articles on various topics – it aims to be an all-inclusive source of knowledge for both novice anglers and experts alike.

Fishing is one of the world’s oldest and most loved outdoor activities. No longer just enjoyed by “boys club” members, fishing can now be enjoyed by almost anyone regardless of age or income level. As more people enjoy this pastime it is essential that everyone observes good fishing etiquette to protect both other fishermen as well as the environment.

Fishing is an art; most anglers rely on rod and reel to catch fish; others also enjoy it from boats, nets or traps. There are various techniques for catching fish such as live baiting or throwing artificial lures; novice anglers learn their craft either through trial-and-error experience or from reading up on techniques from veteran fishermen.

Fishing from shorelines or boats typically involves bait such as worms, minnows, shrimp or crayfish; alternatively this bait can also be fished with spoons, plugs or jigs. More advanced techniques include fly fishing which requires special rods and lines – it can be practiced either freshwater or saltwater and is considered more aesthetic and challenging form of angling.

Not only are there different techniques, but there is also an assortment of fishing equipment. A simple pole and line, known as “pole and bait”, or the “poor man’s downrigger”, can be very effective against certain species when used alongside teasers (hookless lures designed to attract fish).

Once hooked, fish should be played with until it tires itself out; at that point the angler can use a rubber net to secure it and bring it in for collection. Some species require more care when handled; such as striped bass which become very distressed when hooked and should be handled delicately so as to avoid injury.

Professional anglers also engage in competitive fishing events known as tournaments that pit professional anglers against each other for prize money by catching certain species within a set amount of time. These tournaments have become global phenomena with large competition circuits established all around the globe and often being broadcast live and supported by major commercial sponsors; some even focus on catch and release with an emphasis on length rather than weight of fish being caught and released back into the sea.

Fishing provides more than entertainment or relaxation – it is also an invaluable source of food! Archaeological evidence from Mesolithic cave paintings indicate that fish were consumed extensively back then; today they remain an important source of protein worldwide.

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