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At Fashion News, staying current with the latest trends is essential to creating relevant blog posts, showing your knowledge of the industry, and building credibility. Leveraging popular trends can also drive traffic and SEO – for instance if oversized blazers are trending you could write an informative blog post on how to style one, while your blog could also serve as an avenue to analyze industry shifts such as e-commerce growth or shifting toward sustainability.

Fashionista may cater more towards popular culture than fashion trends, but its website remains an invaluable source of information on current fashion. Topics covered by the site include maternity wear, the environmental impacts of fast fashion, sustainable fashion trends and outfit inspiration – perfect if you need some fresh new outfit ideas!

The Business of Fashion magazine provides insights into the business side of fashion. A must-read for anyone interested in the industry, The Business of Fashion provides insight into its history, technology and global market; making it an invaluable resource both for professionals and consumers.

Women’s Wear Daily is another valuable source of fashion news, and one of the seven most reputable news sources for fashion fans. While its focus may lie with women, this magazine also regularly includes men’s fashion as well as sustainability stories.

Vogue Australia is another invaluable source for fashion news in Australia, providing everything from celebrity style updates and the latest designer collaborations, all the way through to ethics in fashion. Additionally, there is even an ethical fashion section within this publication!

Fashion bloggers can be invaluable resources for emerging fashion writers and designers. Fashion bloggers can provide invaluable guidance on becoming successful bloggers while sparking fresh inspiration for collections to come. Furthermore, they help develop your brand voice – whether that means sophisticated luxury or quirky fun; consistency across your content should always be maintained!

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