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Blogging may have started out as an innocent pastime for teens or WordPress writers, but now blogging has become one of the most widely read forms of news reporting. Millions of readers regularly tune into some of the top ten blogs while they also generate significant revenues through advertising or other commercial activities – allowing some to become major publishing houses or profitable businesses themselves!

Not only can blogging sites provide an outlet to express your opinions, they also feature engaging images and videos, edited properly with pic resize and video editing online tools. Being updated more frequently than traditional newspapers or TV programs makes them an invaluable source of information on a wide array of subjects; while also giving insight into industry-specific trends.

Top Ten Blog News The most influential blogs offer not only informative content, but also an attractive design that keeps readers coming back for more. Your blog should remain up-to-date with current events and offer easy navigation features; additionally, choose a blogging platform that offers tools that enhance its performance.

Search Engine Journal is the go-to publication in SEO, drawing over 7 million unique monthly visitors and publishing cutting edge, informative content. Authors of the SEJ blog allow specialists in their niche to contribute articles regularly – creating an engaged community of over 7 million unique readers each month!

Mashable was launched by Pete Cashmore in 2005 as an authoritative resource on all things digital culture – from video entertainment and technology to social good initiatives and beyond. Since then, Mashable has attracted over 45 million monthly unique visits and 28 million social media followers globally.

Engadget, one of the world’s most beloved gadget blogs, provides breaking news and rumor about consumer electronics and digital devices such as cameras that track your head automatically to HD screens – this blog covers it all from ultra high tech to silly! Their coverage of issues where technology meets politics earns them widespread acclaim among geeks worldwide.

Boing Boing (formerly is an irreverent tech blog beloved by geeks everywhere, known for its irreverent tone and love of pop culture. The blog documents instances where despotic regimes silence or imprison bloggers; as well as helping focus blogger outrage against Yahoo and Google for bowing down to China censors in exchange for investment opportunities; it even mocks attempts by music and film industries to prosecute small file sharers as “pirates.”

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